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Dayal Bagh

Dayalbagh is in the outer residential area of Agra. The city has the famous Dayalbagh Educational Institute. It consists of various colleges the most among them is the Dayalbagh Engineering College. Dayalbagh is an independent city. It is known for its calm environment and civil establishments. The resident of are active, disciplined and co-operative. It is the head-quarter of Radhasoami Faith Religion and the members are dedicated to service and setting high spiritual ideals of their faith. The campus is situated amidst the garden settings, which provides an ambience that is in complete unanimity.

The founder of this society was Huzur Sahabi Maharaj. The colony was founded on the Basant Day in 1915 by planting a mulberry tree. Huzur Sahabi Maharaj was the fifth leader of the Radhasoami faith and built the colony as an ashram for the followers. With the foundation of the colony the foundation of the school was also setup the next day. The school has now become an esteemed University. The property, land and house belong to the community and not to the individual. The residents share various responsibilities like cleaning the colony, night security. The colony has its own water, electricity and civil services. It has its own dairy and provides free food to the pilgrims. There are various other health facilities like a hospital with a maternity ward, ophthalmic and dental treatments, ultrasound, ECG and pathological testing and homeopathic and ayurvedic dispensaries.

The colony has setup small scale industries, Radhasoami Urban Cooperative Bank and the Dayalbagh Mahila bank to fulfill the monetary requirements of the residents.

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